What every Vegetarian must cook and eat?

We, Tamilians have inherited several centuries of the „Art of Cooking“ and serving people.

What we eat defines who you are and how you eat determines your behavioural aspect.

The 3 Golden Rules of Eating:
1) Neer Karukki (warm water)
2) Ney Urukki(Ghee)
3) More Perukki (Buttermilk)

The „Rule of Rotation“ must be followed to avoid addiction and to adjust our body to Coastal and Tropical Climate Conditions:

4 days Cooking with Toor Dal,
2 days Cooking Payar Dal
1 day no Dal
(Atleast Kalathu Paruppu should be changed);

The Rasam menu Rotation:
3 days tomato Rasam
1 day Milagu Rasam
1 day Jeera Rasam
1 day Lemon Rasam
1 day Rasam without Paruppu.

The Sambar or main menu item rotation:
2 days Sambar
1 day Poricha Kootu;
1 day Milagu/ Jeera Vathal/ Poondu/ Sundakkai Vattha Kuzhambu.
1 day more Kuzhambu.
1 day should be just with Powders like Paruppu Podi , Kariveppilai Podi,Kothamalli/Pudina Rice.

Rotation of Kaai or side dish:
4 days cooked Vegetable Curry,
1 day Masiyal Karunai,
1 day Salad only
1 day just Appalam or Vadam;
Oorgai (Pickles) should be rotated with Thugayal for 3 days.

Thayir Pachidi can be added when main menu item is spicy.

Buttermilk should always be there in the menu.

This helps to keep our Body Cool and our Tummy.

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