Personal Safety in India

1. Never go to bed with your car’s fuel tank empty. In case of an emergency, what if your good neighbour isn’t at home?

2. Never employ a nanny whose home you don’t know. Some of them could be child traffickers in disguise.

3. Never go to bed with no airtime in your phone. Most emergencies happen at night.

4. Do not stand or park your car under a high tension cable especially when it is windy.

5. Do not attempt to start your generator with your phone torchlight as the source of light. This could cause an explosion.

6. Do not answer telephone calls in the kitchen when your gas cylinder is turned on.

7. Try to crawl under the smoke if the building is engulfed by smoke as walking could cause suffocation. Smoke rises.

8. If by mistake you swallow a fish bone, lick salt and pull your ears while you cough out the fish bone.

9. If you are in any traffic or ‚go- slow‘ and you must remain in your car while it is not in motion, always apply your central lock.

10. Do not leave your children alone in the car with your dog or any pet.

11. Never enter a lift alone if you must.

12. Never leave your opened drink to take a call elsewhere. It could be a plan to distract you. Many have been poisoned through this.

13. Never rush out to turn off the tap on hearing its sound in the night. It could be a trick by robbers to lure you outside. Remember, you didn’t leave it running before retiring to bed, why go out at night?

Be security conscious. Share this with friends and loved ones if you find it important and educative.