Invisible in dreams

All living creatures dream, my teacher told me once. That was a long time ago when I was still at school. We were twenty-seven students, our teacher was our guru and we liked him. He was unconventional but also strict in his teaching methods. He taught us ancient Indian history and Tamil literature.

Recently I awoke from a wonderful dream and I could still remember the details of that dream. It was in a colourful village somewhere in India or Sri Lanka. People spoke one of the many dialects of the ancient language Tamil. The melody and the facial expressions showed that they belong to a tribe of peasants. The streets were narrow and I saw many row houses, which were very colourful and artfully painted, each house in a different colour. The colours reflected the colour of nature. Green like the mango leaves, red, green, yellow and white like the bananas that grow there. The windows and doors were painted in bright orange or pink. Above the doors the names of the houses could be read, under the bulge of the oil lamps the name of the family was written in childlike writing.

Most of the houses were small, probably only 60 square meters, only a few houses had one floor. Each house had a mandala at the entrance, called Kolam, mostly painted in white on the street.

The children played, chased each other, ran screaming across the streets and played hide and seek. The adults were talking to neighbours or negotiating with a street vendor. I saw a few men gathered in a tea shop and enjoying drinking their chai. The Chai seller was busy pouring his Chai from the jug into a small drinking glass, creating a bow from a jet of hot and delicious Chai.

The women in their traditional saris were cooking something or were busy with the children, some sat under a Banian tree and told each other something or listened to other women. The noisy children didn’t seem to bother them at all.

I was everywhere, looking at the people and smiling at the children’s jokes. At some point, however, I noticed that people didn’t notice me as if I was invisible, I was frightened by this realization and suddenly woke up.

And… have you ever dreamed something like that? Please write below, I would be very happy to read your comments.

Über suresh

Ich bin Inder und deutscher Staatsbürger. Als patriotischer Weltbürger pendele ich zwischen beiden Heimaten und fühle mich sehr wohl dabei. Inzwischen habe ich in beiden Welten mein Zuhause gefunden. Mit Wahrem und Erlebtem aus meinem Leben schreibe ich Geschichten in meiner Muttersprache Tamil, English und gelegentlich auch in Deutsch Mein Ziel ist aber, mit unterhaltsamen Erzählungen zur interkulturellen Völkerverständigung beizutragen, auch um Missverständnisse möglichst auszuräumen. Ich denke "Ethik ist eingebaut - Religion ist eingebracht" 'Connecting Cultures' ist meine Aufgabe. 'Helfe um geholfen zu werden' ist mein Motto.
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2 Antworten auf Invisible in dreams

  1. Björn Sünder sagt:

    what for a wonderfull story! Oh yes, every living creature dream. I can see it at my cat. Please sorry for my bad English. I still learned it.

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