Everything went smoothly – the little joys of life

Full of expectation I opened my mailbox and it is there, my long-awaited letter, the beautiful writing on the envelope, handwritten by the sender, increases my impatience to read the content immediately.

There are the unwanted advertising leaflets that I find in the mailbox and put them aside to be disposed off later.  No, the letter is not from one of my loved ones, but from an acquaintance from northern Germany. This venerable lady sees only the positive in everything in life and describes it poetically in beautiful curved writing with blue-black ink. She has all the technical tools of these days, PC, Smart Phone etc., but prefers the handwriting. I feel honoured to belong to her circles with whom she shares her precious time, thoughts and feelings.

I’ll sit in my rocking chair in the corner of the living room. This is my quiet corner, from there I have a view of the terrace, to watch, dream and rest. This time I read the colourful letter, but first of all I look at the design with the colourful hand painted flowers and the decorated alphabets in German language. The sentences are long with one or two commas, sometimes I have to read the sentence twice in order to understand and digest it, and this creates images and films in my head cinema

From her pictorial descriptions I learn a lot about her circles of friends and her chats during a coffee get-together. All this is like a friendly ghost from afar; I smile and laugh about vanity and indignation, about the events of their everyday life. Sometimes she talks about the suffering and injustice of life, where she is powerless and helpless.

A small sketch by her shows a simple house. A flower vase stands in front of it, a cat or a little dog sits on the way to the house in front of the small pond, creates a pause in my reading flow, my eyes turn towards the terrace and I try to imagine the situation, ask myself how I should react to it and I can’t think of anything.

I immerse myself again in her letter and at some point, a little while later, I wake up from my nap and see the letter lying on my lap. What a dreamy letter.

My cell phone beeps quietly and reminds me of my appointment at the marketplace. There are still 90 minutes, plenty of time to freshen up and prepare for my meeting.  

Now I dedicate my attention to the advertising leaflets, no, actually I want to get rid of them, nevertheless an advertisement finds my interest. A wall socket with integrated USB ports, a practical device for charging mobile phones and cameras. On the other side of the brochure I see pictures of vegetarian salami, 100% fresh blood orange juice, mangos and avocados all reasonably priced.

I need a break; a Masala Chai would be nice. I move to the kitchen and notice that the fridge is almost empty. If I drive for purchasing right away, I can even make it to my appointment. Thought, done, I am already on my way… The streets are empty as if it is a Sunday, the traffic light at which I have to stop is green, and the next one is green as well. Is there such a thing? Strange, it happens seldom.  In my mind I say to myself: I have a green wave, that’s a good omen.

During the ride the thought creeps into my mind that I don’t really need the things I want to buy. Hardly thought through, I was already at the parking lot of the shopping Center. The advertising posters at the entrance drew my attention to two other things. This precision mechanic tool set and three lightweight portable aluminium tables that can be set up anywhere are good and cheap. At the next club meeting in the garden I can set them up quickly, Norbert will be happy and certainly help me. I could easily take them also to our meeting at Lake Monrepos. I could see in my mind, they will be impressed.

The mangos, these little pieces, no, I will not buy them, and moreover these are outrageously expensive, no, not with me. In India I almost get them for free. But the avocados are great, good for my health and I can make great salads with them. Then these blood orange juice, cheese and vegetarian sausages. hmm…

On the way back I have green wave again, no, I did not expect it. There are days, I will tell you, these are strange. I have still time to deliver my purchases at home, and then I can continue to my appointment.

On the way my intellect plagues me, I try to gain insight into my action during the last hour, my intellect tries not to draw wrong conclusions. Everything went smoothly; I say to myself and see my image staring confusedly at me in front of the glass entrance door.

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